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Ülka Premium white - Built-in

Mega powerful dust collector – which has a powerful centrifugal fan and draws dust from a height of 30 cm.
A great option for the nail technician who wants to save space on the work table.

When cutting into the table, the blowing from dust collector will be away from the client and the nail technician, and at the request of the client, we can also close one side of the blowing with a cap
The dust collector has two speeds – for filing and for manicure.
The dust collector consumes 52 watts – you get a powerful hood and a lower electricity bill.


- Product weight (kg):2,25

- Dimensions (cm): 28х26×9.7

- Power (W): min: 52, max: 90

- Noise level (dB): 55

- Engine revolutions (in min): 2530

- Warranty period: 5 years

Ülka Premium white - Built-in


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