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PNB Revital Fiber Base, Milk Pink, HEMA FREE

Refined milky pink base color with reinforcing fibers. Hard and durable, but extremely flexible!

- hypoallergenic formula 12 FREE;

- absence of HEMA monomer;

- low temperature product;

- consistency of medium degree of viscosity;

- amazing adhesion with the nail plate;

- creates an ultra-durable coating due to the content of nylon fibers in the composition;

- very thin nylon fibers lie on the surface of the nail as evenly as possible and do not stick out;

- perfectly self-leveling, evenly distributed over the surface of the nail, filling cracks and irregularities;

- economical consumption of material and master’s time;

- thanks to calcium and vitamin E in the composition, nourishes the nail from the inside;

- strengthens even the thinnest nail plate;

- suitable for repair, reconstruction, strengthening and extension of the free edge


8 ml, 17 ml

PNB Revital Fiber Base, Milk Pink, HEMA FREE


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