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PNB Strong Iron Gel

- EXCLUSIVE! Ten in one! A reliable tool with extra-stable qualities such as: modeling gel, hard base, primer and strengthening of natural nails;

- Soak-Off gel formulas belong to the class of soluble in a special liquid. Unlike other gels and acrylics that are removed by mechanical sanding, this gel is easily removed with a remover without damaging the nail.

- Strong Iron Gel is a low temperature gel. From the first layer of primer strengthens and fixes the free edge of the nail;

- The product is applied directly from the bottle, so it is easy to control. Strong Iron Gel is perfectly distributed on a plate and self-aligns. Does not stretch, does not flow and is used economically.

- Excellent adhesion properties. The gel adheres perfectly to natural nails, without chips and flakes. Stable sock period up to 4 weeks!

- 7-free formula – safe for health, as it does not cause allergic reactions and irritation, does not contain toxic substances.



*8 ml, 50 ml

PNB Strong Iron Gel

SKU: 5815765058893

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