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Ice IQ Control Gel Natural White

Opaque, natural white. Densely pigmented. To create the perfect in shape smile line of a natural white French. Hypoallergenic composition without odor. Heavy dust does not disperse. IQ Control Gel PNB is convenient and fast to work with.



- Prepare the nail plate with PNB buff, remove the gloss.

- Apply the auxiliary fluids: Nail Dehydrator and Bond Control to the entire plate.

- Rub in a thin layer of Universal Base PNB / Scotch Base PNB and cure in the lamp for 1 minute.

- Put the templates.

- Take the material with a spatula and place it on the nail. Soak a brush in Polygel solution PNB liquid, squeeze well on a napkin and, starting from the cuticle, distribute Ice IQ Gel, building the desired architecture. Dry in LED, UV/LED (combi) lamp for 60 seconds.

- File the modeled nails with a 180 grit file and buff them. Remove dust with a brush.

- Apply a top coat.


*15 ml

Ice IQ Control Gel Natural White

SKU: 5815765058909

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