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Sticky sticker №S-02 (White)

Suitable for applying on any color.

Preparing nails for applying a slider design

1. Do the usual manicure procedure: apply a base and 1-2 layers of color. Dry each layer in LED/UV lamp.

2. Remove the sticky layer

3. Select a suitable pattern.

4. Using the tweezers to separate the pattern from the base of the sticker and transfer to the nail. Distribute sticker over the nail so that all the air is gone out from it.

5. Using a soft shaped file, carefully remove the film from the free edge with movements from top to bottom. We process the edge of the nail with a non-acid primer and let it dry.

6. Apply the thin layer of top. Using a thin brush, go over all the volumetric elements, filling them well with the top and removing the surplus of the top. Apply 2 layers of top coat.

Sticky sticker №S-02 (White)

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