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PNB Camouflage Rubber Base, Pearls

Pearls, milky 一 creamy-milky color of the camouflage base with a sprinkling of radiant gold leaf.


- elasticity and plasticity of the material;

- high level of adhesion;

- does not spread;

  • 7-free composition;
  • rich pigmentation with various colored spots;
  • perfect application;
  • flawlessly self-leveling, splashes of melt are perfectly distributed;
  • does not injure the nail plate;
  • without a sharp smell;
  • does not chip;
  • does not burn in a lamp;
  • long wearing time;
  • reduces the working time of the master by ~10-15 minutes.



*8 ml

PNB Camouflage Rubber Base, Pearls

SKU: 5815765059071

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